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When you factor in all the costs associated with the landfill over 1 year, especially with a fortune 500 size company, it’s astonishing that businesses are literally wasting a tremendous amount of money on landfill fees and all costs associated with it. Our goal is to reduce your current waste stream and design a program to best suite your business. We accomplish this by offering a visual audit of your facility and operations. Sierra Plastics is able to implement a stringent program that could potentially eliminate 25% to over 40% of viable material landing up in the landfill. We can eliminate a substantial cost to your company by recycling plastic and generating revenue to your bottom line.
We believe that education is the key to successfully implement the recycling philosophy. A major part of what we do is teach the proper way to recycle. Knowing the difference from good recyclable material and trash …some materials are hard to recycle because of severe contamination, i.e. medical waste, post consumer heat packaging, etc. We do cost audits for large corporation to small businesses, schools, communities, resorts and so on to show how much money their actually spending by throwing plastics in the trash.