I have been in the business of recycling plastics for the past twenty-five years. In those years I have been involved in many aspects of the industry, from simple identification to analyzing different chemical compounds. As a plastic recycler I have be instrumental in creating recycling programs for many high out-put facilities. In teaching companies basic separation and identification of recyclable materials I have kept millions of pounds of plastics out of the land fills and reintroduced resin back into our economy as molded everyday products for another generation.

My knowledge of resins and their specific applications has helped many injection, blow and extruded molders find the right materials needed to pass their customers requirements. Once I have determined the resin, I am guaranteed the sale of that material to the end user.

Building Sierra Plastics from the ground up, which helped make us a profitable and respected business. Sierra Plastics has a clean and trustworthy reputation with its peers and is leading the industry in plastic recycling. My knowledge of a thriving successful business in plastics would be a benefit to your company. The buyer need already exists and with the right people I can provide an impenetrable structure that only grows stronger with time.

Patrick Keesy